Mark’s posts on Celebrity


Bros Fans Negotiate the Mass Culture Critique

The Art of Being A Fan (Translation of Martin Nohms news story about fandom for Dutch paper

Great bifuractions: Michael Jackson’s posthumous roles and remainders

The “Mention Elvis” rule

Ronnie James Dio – laid to rest (a heavy metal funeral)

Fiske Matters Conference (11th – 12th June 2010, with audios)

Faking it (some useful questions to ask about imposters)

I Have Admired You for Many Years (Star-fan encounters and the performance of identity)

Music for Your Inner Child (Transactional Analysis and music listening)

All Watched Over By Machines (Adam Curtiz’ BBC2: our emotions as commodities online)

Making Things Whole Again – Take That Reunion Events (Anja Lobert and Tim Wise’s conference and exhibition on the living culture of 1990s Take That fandom)

Music for Your Inner Child (Transactional Analysis and popular music)

Bryan Adams: A Fretted Biography (The updated edition of my 1994 book)

Rocking and Royaling (The Queen’s Diamond Jubliee Concert at Buckingham Palace 4-6-12)

The Gush of Love: Beatles Stories (2010) (Examines the “gushing” reactions of fans when meeting their idols)

Unwrapping ‘A Boy From Tupelo’: Video Uploads from Elvis Collectors (Fans now upload it when they unwrap box sets)

“OMG! Justin!” by Shawna Richer (New ebook on Bieber fandom)

Bieber Fans: Poison Comments on Twitter? (News stories about spiteful tweets from fans)