Some 2009 pop research books


From a review list for the journal Popular Music, these recent offerings are mainly published by Ashgate and American university presses:

Baraka, Amiri (2009) Digging The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music.
UCLA Press.

Bayer, Gerd ed. (2009) Heavy Metal Music in Britain. Ashgate.

Bicknell, Jeanette (2009) Why Music Moves Us. Palgrave Macmillan.

Cooper, David (2009) The Musical Traditions of Northern Ireland and its Diaspora.
Community and Conflict
. Ashgate.

Charters, Samuel (2009) A Language of Song, Journeys in the Musical World of the
African Diaspora.
Duke University Press.

Dibben, Nicola (2009) Björk. Equinox/Indiana University Press.

Ferris, William (2009) Give My Poor Heart Ease Voices of the Mississippi Blues.
University of Northern Carolina Press.

Hawkins, Stan (2009) The British Pop Dandy: Masculinity, Popular Music and Culture.

Kallimopoulou, Eleni (2009) Paradisiaká: Music, Meaning and Identity in Modern

Macías, Anthony (2008) Mexican American Mojo, Popular Music, Dance and Urban
Culture in Los Angeles 1935-1968
. Duke University Press.

Morgan, Marcyliena (2009) The Real Hip Hop, Battling for Knowledge , Power and
Respect in the LA Underground
. Duke University Press.

Perone, James. (2009) Mods, Rockers and the Music of the British Invasion.

Plasketes, George (2009) B-Sides, Undercurrents and Overtones: Peripheries to
Popular in Music, 1960 to the Present
. Ashgate.

Ragland, Cathy (2009) Música Norteña, Mexican Migrants Creating a Nation between
. Temple University Press.

Seniors, Paula Marie (2009) Beyond Lift Every Voice and Sing, The Cultural of
Uplift, Identity and Politics in Black Musical Theatre
. Ohio State University Press.

Sheehy, Colleen and Swiss, Thomas eds (2009) Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan’s
Road from Minnesota to the World.
University of Minnesota Press.

Smith, Graeme (2009) Singing Australian, A History of Folk and Country Music. Pluto

Smith, Chris (2009) 101 Albums that Changed Popular Music. OUP.

Tirro, Frank (2009) The Birth of the Cool of Miles Davis and His Associates.
Pendragon Press.

Elijah Wald (2009) How The Beatles Destroyed Rock’N’Roll, An Alternative History
of American Popular Music
. Oxford University Press.

Wallach, Jeremy (2008) Modern Noise, Fluid Genres Popular Music in Indonesia
. University of Wisconsin Press.

Welberry, Karen and Dalziell, Tanya (2009) Cultural Seeds, Essays on the Work
of Nick Cave
. Ashgate.