BOY BANDS : The Pop Unmuted Podcast Interview


I was recently interviewed by Scott Interrante about boy bands for the second episode of his and Kurt Trowbridge’s excellent Pop Unmuted podcast. The discussion lasted for over 30 minutes and covered topics such as:

* How have boy bands been criticized?

* Why do their critics feel uncomfortable about them?

* Why are female fans so passionate about boy bands?  

* What does the term “boy band” actually mean?

* What does authenticity mean in relation to boy bands?

* Is boy band performance simply a matter of singing on stage?

* How has the era of social media changed the process of pop fandom?

* What are the roots of the boy band phenomenon?

* To what extent have boy bands appropriated black music?

* How is boy band music used to target younger sections of the audience?

* Boy bands have been dismissed as uncreative and unoriginal. Why does that not matter to their fans?

* What distinguishes the style and phenomena of contemporary boy bands?


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