For current conference plans, please check the Twitter Feed.


30th March, Balancing the Mix: A Conference on Popular Music and Social Justice, University of Memphis (Organizer with Dr Amanda Nell Edgar)

19th December, ‘Popular Music Fandom in the 1970s: Towards an Analysis,’ Redefining Celebrity and Fandom in the 1970s, Aarhus University (Invited presentation)


20th February 2018, ‘Things That Go Punk In The Night,’ Research Seminar, Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland (sign up to listen)

15th June, ‘The Phantom Menace’, Phantoms of the Opera Symposium, Guildhall School of Music / The Barbican, London (Invited presentation)

29th June, ‘Things That Go Punk in The Night,’ Fan Studies Network 2018 Conference, University of Cardiff, Wales (Keynote – sign up to listen)

5th September, ‘Cowboys and Humanists,’ Crosstown Traffic: Popular Music Theory and Practice IASPM-UK Conference, University of Huddersfield (sign up to listen)


5th April, ‘Gate People: Fan Tourism Before Elvis Heritage at Graceland,’ Locating Imagination: Popular Culture, Tourism and Belonging Conference, Erasmus University, the Netherlands (Invited presentation)

21st August, New Perspectives on Elvis Conference, University of Memphis (Organizer)


12th May, ‘On the Knowing Field: Cornel West, Curtis Mayfield and Fan Activism,’ Challenges of Participatory Culture, HSE Moscow, Russia (Invited presentation)


28th June, ‘On the Knowing Field: Cornel West, Curtis Mayfield and Fan Activism,’ Fan Studies Network Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich (sign up to listen)


12th April, ‘Music, Race and Genre: Beyond Abstract Listening,’ Studying Music – An International Conference in Honour of Simon Frith, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh 

14th April, A Conference on Love and Rock Music, Montpellier III, Montpellier, France (Organizing with Professor Claude Chastagner)

9th May, ‘When Horror Goes Metal: Dario Argento as Rock Fan,’ Spaghetti Cinema: Italian Horror Cinema, University of Bedfordshire, Luton


22nd March, ‘Trading Backstage Photographs: Celebrity Following as Participatory Fan Culture,’ Global Project on Fan Communities and Fandom, Oxford University

12th September, ‘Reframing Elvis: Celebrity Image, Mass Culture and Popular Music Stardom,’ Eight Biennial Conference on Music Since 1900, Liverpool Hope University

30th November, ‘”When a Hero is Hurt, He is at His Most Vulnerable”: Rethinking Hurt / Comfort,’ Fan Studies Network Symposium, University of East Anglia, Norwich


2nd February, ‘Understanding Fandom,’ MARS Conference, Sibelius Academy, Seinäjoki, Finland (Keynote – sign up to listen)

22nd June, Popular Music and Automobile Culture: A One Day Symposium, University of Chester (Organizing)

2nd July, ‘Re-imagining Richey: Celebrity Disappearance, Manic Street Preacher Fandom and Ben Myer’s Richard’, Cultural Studies at the Crossroads Conference, Nouvelle Sorbonne, Paris (with Paula Hearsum from The University of Brighton)

5th September, IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, University of Salford (Organizing)

1st December, ‘From Secret Fantasies to Social Systems: Re-Reading Starlust as a Portrait of the Popular Music Audience,’  Musicians and Their Audiences Workshop, Kings College, London


2nd April, ‘Why are Sold Out Live Music Events Still Advertised?’ The Business of Live Music Conference, University of Edinburgh

3rd June, ‘Multiple Damnations: Deconstructing the Critical Response to Boyband Fandom’ Making Things Whole Again: Take That Reunion Conference, University of Salford

24th June, ‘Alas, Poor Richard: Fandom, Personal Identity and Ben Myer’s Novelization of Richey Edwards’ Life Story’ Litpop Conference, Northumbria University

18th November, ‘They Walk Amongst Us: Perceptions of Fandom as Monstrosity,’ The Monster Inside Us: The Monsters Around Us Conference, De Montford University, Leicester


29th January, ‘Locating the 50th Law: Notes on an Interracial Bromance,’ Shifting Ground: A Study Day in Popular Music and Publishing, Oxford-Brookes University, Popular Music Research Unit

25th June, ‘Fan Words: Towards a New Vocabulary of Fan Theory,’ Popular Music Fandom: A One Day Symposium, University of Chester

2nd September, ‘Applying Durkheim to Elvis: What Starts Popular Music Fandom?’ IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, Cardiff University School of Music


17th December, ‘Bodies of Controversy: Elvis Presley and Susan Boyle’ Research Seminar, University of Salford, School of Media, Music & Performance


14th September, ‘Average White Band? Kraftwerk and the Politics of Race,’ IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, University of Glasgow


26th February, ‘The Power of Elvis,’ Research Seminar, University of Sheffield, Dept of Music


11th November, ‘Understanding Star Appeal: The Power of Elvis,’ History of Stardom Reconsidered Conference, University of Turku, Finland


12th July, ‘We Are Interrupted by Your Noise: Understanding Heckling,’ IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick


February, ‘Understanding Elvis Fandom,’ IPM Research Seminar, University of Liverpool


7th July, ‘Hound Dog: Race and the Politics of Meaning,’ Critical Musicology Forum, University of Surrey

9th July, ‘Macca is Back,’ IASPM UK Conference, University of Surrey


1st May, ‘Reading the Rock Biography: A life Without Theory?,’ Robert Shelton Memorial Conference, IPM Liverpool

8th July, ‘Screening Elvis,’ Popular Music and the Media: Television, Video and Film Conference, Sheffield Hallam University


11th September, ‘Virtually the King,’ IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, University of Liverpool

23rd September, ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes,’ Performance Research Reading Group Conference, University of Wales


18th April, ‘Promised Land: Interpreting Graceland,’ Guest Lecture, Eastern Washington University, USA, Dept of Geography