On several occasions I have been approached and asked to help in the creation and promotion of national or international media products. I deal with these on a case by case basis. Here are some examples:


4th February, Interviewed for the Curry’s TechTalk blog about the rise of music fandom on social media.


5th January, Interviewed for story, ‘The Adults Who Love Disney’ by Allie Volpe for The Awl.

13th September, Interviewed for story ‘”Leave Britney Alone”: Chris Crocker 10 Years Later’ by Allie Volpe for Rolling Stone.

8th April, Interviewed for story ‘Dedicated and Unashamed: The International SKAM Fandom’ by Anne Soerensen.


21st November, Interviewed for story ‘What I Discovered by Visiting Every Disney Park’ by Brooke Barnes for The New York Times.

7th June, Interviewed for story ‘The Art of Being A Fan’ by Martin Nohms of Danish newspaper, The Information.


16th August, Interviewed by Ian Collins on TalkSport Radio to discuss the Elvis fan phenomenon on the 30th anniversary. (Listen)


15th September, Interviewed about the song ‘Always On My Mind’ by BBC World Service for their language teaching radio show The King’s English.


3rd August, Interviewed for story ‘Whole Lotta Studying Going On,’ by J. Adams for the Toronto Globe and Mail, Canada.


19th August, Interviewed by eighteen radio stations to promote a special Elvis anniversary night on The Discovery Channel. My assignment included an encounter with outspoken presenter James Whale on TalkSport Radio and a chance to go worldwide live on The British Forces Network. It also included an interview with Julian at Forth One Radio in Edinburgh.